40 mm CNC P4 34/30 Anodized Axial Caliper by Triones


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Quick Overview

Colour: black,red,gold,dark blue,silver,white,bronze, gray,orange,green,purple,peach,rose,or (special colour for customize)


Piston Dimension:34 mm/30mm

Caliper Pitch:40mm

Piston Material:Aluminum Alloy 7075 (Hard Anodized)

Caliper Material:Aluminum Alloy (7075)

Brake Pad:2 Pieces

Net Weight:N/A

Feature of product:

CNC (Japan 5-axis machining) the highest precision to reach 0.01 mm

Slim Design, Fit for most of bike

Lightweight Design

Rapid heat dissipation

Stainless steel screw


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