Tire Repair Kit

1,899.00 ฿



Tire Repair Kits by AIR GENIUS (Big Bike Set)

Innovative product for Tire Repair Kits in Emergency Situation by Sportsman. When your tire is broken during the trip because of the sharp knife, it is not good solution to drive so far in order to find motorcycle shop to help you fix your tire. Airgenius Tire Repair Kits is the good solution for you to solve the problem. It is very easy to use, small, easy to carry. It can use with car, motorcycle, big bike, bicycle. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to bring it everywhere by placing it in the vehicles when you go to travel.


Inside the set, it consists of tire repair kits with

Co2 Cartridges 25g 5 PCS


The pressure of Co2 

Co2 Cartridge 25g : appropriate 44 psi

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