what is the benefits of Titanium Piston in Triones Calliper??

What is the benifits of Titanium Piston in Triones ‘Calipers?
To begin with, Density of Allumium Alloy is lower than Titanium Alloy. Its only 60% of Titanium Alloy.
Compare with Titanium Alloy, Therefore Tensile Strength of Aluminum Alloy is less than 1/3 of Titanium. This reason makes Triones ‘Calipers with Titanium Piston are more stronger than other.


Triones Titanium Piston, break system, motorcycle
More than that, when focus in Titanium Alloy ‘specification, The Titanium Alloy piston has the characters such like:
  • low elastic modulus (means its not easy to change shape)
  • high strength ( can work under heavy stress)
  • good corrosion resisting ( can endure dot4 dot5 even higher )
  • good heat tolerance ( will not change shape or expand under heat)
  • low thermal conductivity ( the heat will not easily transfer to caliper or oil)
  • Non-magnetic
Last but not least, when Titanium Piston is anodized by colorful oxide film, it causes  better performance ( it means its anodized has better corrosion resisting, and stronger.
Triones Titanium Piston, break system, motorcycle
From all reasons above, These make Triones ‘Caliper with Anodized Titanium Alloy are stronger, not easy to change shape, and endure to work under high stress and heat tolerance.
Credit: www.sportsman.co.th


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